No one usually wants to get Divorced. Divorce to many signifies shame, guilt, pain and failure. The fairytale dream shattered in pieces. How do you make that next move feeling scared and alone? People get divorced for all different reasons. For some its financial stress, others it maybe infidelity, health reasons, and for most it's just growing apart.

So, how do you make the next move, what do you do? Divorce signifies the end of a marriage, but for most couples that's a hard decision to make. Many times going to a marriage counselor or even getting counseling for yourself can help couples make the decision if Divorce is the right option for them. If you are amicable with your spouse it is easier to work through decisions because of mutual cooperation. However, if your spouse is angry and combative it make, the Divorce process much harder. One doesn't know how your spouse will behave during a Divorce. Will they act graciously and kindly during your custody negotiations and marital assets division conversations, or instead will they savagely attack you each any every step of the way making your life a hell on earth. Usually, most couples fall somewhere in the middle, even with that said, it is very difficult to go through the Divorce and Custody process without the support and guidance of a skilled attorney. This is a critical time you need an advocate on your side to fight for you and to have your back legally.

During the Divorce process many people take on so much stress from the legal battle itself that their health starts to deteriorate. Their work is affected because they can't concentrate. Once you have a good attorney on your side you are able to refocus and prioritize on yourself, kids, family, work and let your attorney battle for you.

Divorce isn't your end, it may be an end of fighting over conflicts like finances, infidelity, kids but it can also be a new beginning of less stress a happier life with new beginnings.