Bankruptcy Lawyer

Attorney Tova Weiss is lead Bankruptcy counsel and believes that most people have undergone financial hardship at some point in their lives. Bankruptcy protection affords people the opportunity to get on their feet again, to get a "fresh start," and to rebuild financial health. There is no shame in filing for Bankruptcy protection, it is a legal tool provided to help individuals in financial crises gain control of their personal finances.

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Family Lawyer

Attorney Iriana Blitshtein is the head Family Law Counsel and believes that her role is to be the best advocate for her client during a very difficult stressful time. To most people one’s family is the most important and when there is a fracture within the family unit like a Divorce or a Custody dispute it is imperative to have strong legal representation by an attorney to help you achieve the best results for you and your family.

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Family Law

As a family law firm, the Law Offices Of Blitshtein & Weiss, P.C. has been serving Montgomery County for over 20 years. We provide sound legal advice, effective counsel, and expert representation in and out of the courtroom.

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Law Firm

If you require the services of a lawyer, look no further than the legal team at Law Offices Of Blitshtein & Weiss, P.C.. With over four decades of combined experience, our lead attorneys can assist you in matters related to family law, bankruptcy, and social security. Schedule your first consultation by calling (215) 364-4900 today.

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Social Security Attorney

Iriana Blithstien is lead Counsel for all Social Security Disability cases. Are You Unable to Work Because of an Injury, Illness or Disability lasting more than 12 months? Lawyers BW can help you obtain the Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income benefits to which you may be entitled. We will help you navigate through the bureaucratic system from beginning to end and get you the benefits you deserve.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an Auto Accident, Slip & Fall, Medical Mistakes or Nursing Home Abuse contact Lawyers BW, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries if your accident or your injuries were caused by someone else’s fault. Lawyers BW aggressively represent individuals and their families for the personal injuries, emotional distress and loss of consortium they have suffered as a result of another person's or company's negligence.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Law Offices Of Blitshtein & Weiss, P.C. is the medical malpractice lawyer that residents in the area trust. We go above and beyond to guide you through legal processes and proceedings and work quickly to get you the compensation and justice you and your loved ones deserve.

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