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Attorney Iriana Blitshtein is the lead family law counsel and believes that her role is to be the best advocate for you during a very difficult, stressful time. To most people, one’s family is the most important. When there is a fracture within the family unit, like a divorce or a custody dispute, it is imperative to have strong legal representation by an attorney to help you achieve the best results for you and your family.

Attorney Blitshtein has over 28 years of experience and is a strong and dedicated advocate for her clients. Attorney Blitshtein advises clients on multiple family law issues, such as divorce, alimony, alimony pendente lite, child custody, child support, equitable distribution, and other family law matters.

Attorney Blitshtein is professional and experienced, and she will provide you with sound legal advice specific to your case during this difficult time. You can count on Attorney Blitshtein to protect your legal rights and work aggressively for you to help achieve the best results while at the same time working with you to make the legal fees affordable! If you need representation for a family law issue, call us today.

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What happens to Custody of my kids during my Divorce?

Filing for Divorce is a difficult decision for most couples, having to worry about your children during a divorce case makes things even more challenging. Communication and agreement between spouses are key to working out a temporary Custody Agreement pending divorce proceeding. By working out a temporary Custody Agreement, parents and the children will have an agreed upon schedule to spend time with each parent and establish each parents’ responsibilities, such as, required duties and obligations to the children for care and needs. For example, if the parents are in separate houses pending the Divorce proceeding, how many days a week will the children sleep at mom's house versus dad's house. Who will pick up children from extracurricular activities? How will they share holidays and vacations?

Resolving these issues is critical to maintaining stability for your children during a very difficult life changing time. Blitshtein & Weiss attorneys will help you negotiate a fair Custody Agreement pending your Divorce and file it with the Court and obtain a Custody Court Order. By having a Custody Order in place that is one less issue that you and your spouse need to argue about, and you can shift your focus to dividing your marital assets pending the Equitable Distribution hearing in your Divorce case.

Did you know that Pennsylvania is not a "community property" state, but rather an “equitable distribution" state. The difference between the two is that in an "equitable distribution" state if the spouses cannot agree to the division of their marital assets the Court will decide. However, in a "community property" state divorcing spouses are by law required to split all their assets which they acquired during their marriage unless they have a Prenuptial agreement or a Postnuptial agreement. As Pennsylvania is an "Equitable distribution" state, it is imperative for a divorcing spouse to retain an experienced knowledgeable attorney who can identify all marital assets and fight for their clients share to them. Our attorneys will fight for your assets and make sure that your marital assets are divided fairly. Our attorneys are result oriented, compassionate, legally knowledgably aggressive litigators that will work diligently on your behalf. We have been successfully doing just that!

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