If you or your child have experienced a DUI charge, you need to take it seriously, because there could be long-term consequences if it's not handled properly. Contact an experienced Bucks County DUI attorney right away.

What happens in a DUI case

If you are pulled over for suspected DUI, you will be given a field sobriety test and possibly an on-site breathalyzer test, which is a smaller version of the actual machine at the police station. If you fail the field sobriety or mini-breathalyzer test, you will be detained and taken for a breathalyzer at the police station and/or to the hospital for a blood test.

Do not refuse the sobriety test or breathalyzer. By doing so, you will be assumed to have at least the lowest blood alcohol level, and your refusal to cooperate will not be well received by the judge. Furthermore, refusal can also increase the length of time that you lose your license.

Usually, you will be released to go home (with someone else driving you), and shortly thereafter you will receive notice in the mail regarding your preliminary hearing date and additional procedures.

At this point, you should have your DUI attorney begin working with you to develop your defense. It is possible to have charges thrown out or at least lessened if you have a really good attorney; and given the possible consequences, you should do everything in your power to win your case.


Depending on your blood alcohol level and any complicating factors, even your first DUI could lead to:

  • A criminal record
  • Time in prison from 48 hours to 6 months
  • Driver's license suspension of at least one year
  • Court costs and fines
  • Court-ordered Alcohol Highway Safety School, alcohol counseling
  • Ignition interlock device, which is essentially a breathalyzer attached to the car that you need to pass in order to drive
  • Your photograph and arrest record potentially posted by the police department or local news, which can be found in future internet searches or show up in future employment background checks

We usually think of a DUI as referring to alcohol, but DUI means “driving under the influence” and that includes drugs as well. Driving under the influence of a controlled substance (illegal drug or medication) is automatically considered equivalent to the highest rate for blood alcohol, and is thus eligible for the most severe consequences.

Lessening the charges or getting charges dropped

Many people believe that if the test comes back positive, they've lost their case already. But that's not entirely true. There are a number of factors that a good attorney can use in your defense, for instance:

  • Breath test devices are often calibrated for men, therefore, women often receive a false positive or a falsely high reading. Therefore, women are prone to false arrest for DUI.
  • Arresting officers can make mistakes in procedure during the traffic stop, in reporting, or at any time thereafter. Because we're experienced in these cases, we know what to look for and what common mistakes are made that could get your case thrown out.
  • Other mitigating factors in your situation may lessen the charges.

Lessening or eliminating a DUI could make the difference between a future full of potential and a future full of difficulties due to a DUI conviction. At the Law Offices of Blitshtein & Weiss, we have the expertise you need at this critical time. We will fight for you to give you the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us today in our Southampton office at (215) 364-4900 for a free consultation.